Wednesday, April 27, 2005

March (cont'd)

I left him a note with my number, and he called me that night. We spent some time catching up, and decided to meet for drinks on Friday.

Friday was a cold, wet, miserable almost-spring day. Neither of us felt much like going out, so we decided to just hang out at my apartment. There was a great pizza place nearby, and Matt stopped to buy some wine on the way over.

The first thing Matt noticed when he looked around my apartment was my collection of Alias DVDs.

He picked up season 1. "I can't believe you have this," he said.

"Oh, you're a fan?"

"Am I a fan?" he asked, incredulous. "I'm only the biggest fan ever."

"Excellent," I grinned. "Did you watch it last week?"

We spent the next 40 minutes dissecting plot arcs and character developments. He had a mad crush on Sydney, and I on Vaughn. When the pizza arrived, we could hardly believe the time had passed so quickly.

We ate, drank, watched the pilot episode with commentary, and kept watching until after midnight.

I walked him to the door, stood on my tiptoes to hug him, and said goodnight.

"You'll have to call me on Sunday after Alias," I said.

"You bet." He smiled, and walked out the door.

I locked the door behind him, and stood there for a few minutes, bewildered. What had just happened?

Was it a date?

Did I want it to be a date?

Turned out I was right back where I had been three years before.